Tom Shaw - April 25, 2021



The Northgate Equipping Sessions | Matthew 28 Questions and Response: 1. What would Jesus say is success for Sanctuary? Making disciples. Disciple being someone who is following the Rabbi. Relationship progression with Him as key success in the "Up" alongside relationship in the "In" & "Out" (city around us.) 2. What to do in response? First step is measuring and treasuring every step we make in the 'Up, In and Out,' which overcomes the voice of shame that focuses on not being enough. In contrast, Jesus/Heaven celebrate each and every step we/others take in the 'Up, In and Out.' Discussion Questions: What steps can you celebrate you've taken in the 'Up, In and Out' recently? Which of these 3 dimensions do you feel most encouraged by? Which most challenged? What effect do you feel when in your mind body and soul when you start to measure and treasure these steps you've taken? What steps might Jesus want you to take in partnering with Jesus in His discipling of others? The Scouts were used as illustration of an organization that seems both clear on its metric of success (being prepared) and good at both measuring and treasuring small stepson the way to that vision (badges and cheering each other on as they are given out.)

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