Loving Well,

One Person

At a Time

What We're Aiming For

For us, success is about loving well, one person at a time.

Jesus saw every person as having equal value to anyone else. Sadly, most of us have the unhealthy tendency to view people as either superior and worthy of pandering to, or somehow inferior and to be used for personal gain.

That's why for us, we think Jesus shows us that success is loving people well, one person at a time. Not worshiping them or using them. Instead, slowing and simplifying things down to the pace of love (1 Cor 13). When we get to the end of a day, we don’t want our life to be marked by fear as we've been around those we perhaps deem more powerful and have not been frustrated as we've hurried along those who somehow we see as inferior.

Being unhurried in the presence of the poor.

Being unfazed in the presence of the powerful.

A church for both the poor and the powerful.

If each of us despite our chaotic lives, can simply make a life priority to look one person in the eyes at a time, and think, "What does Jesus' love look like right now for this person?" then we believe when we look back, we will be shocked by how much Jesus has done.

Our desire is to love well, one person at a time.

We think it's the Jesus way.

Sunday gatherings

Sundays at 10AM

Join us Sundays at 10:00am for a rich time of connecting, prayer, scripture reading, and teaching. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your spiritual journey, this is a safe place to simply come and observe.

We’re currently meeting in the Portola Garden District:

2555 San Bruno Ave
San Francisco, CA 941134

Sanctuary Kids

At Sanctuary Kids our biggest aim is for every child to feel known and valued by both God and the wider Church. So all kids are welcome to attend our safe and fun Sunday gathering at 10:30am. 

We also want our kids to grow in their knowledge and understanding of who God is and how they can live out their faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. To help with this journey, we offer two different kids classes – the nursery for 0-4 and the kids class for 4+.

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